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All our Tin Toys, Novelty Toys, Practical Jokes and Magic Tricks are listed in this category with the newest additions listed first, so they are nice and easy to find! It's worth taking a look here regularly as we are often adding new toys. One of the favorite parts of my job is receiving new toys and getting them ready to share with you here. We hope you have fun browsing our Latest Toys.
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Paper Aeroplane Kit

Paper Aeroplane Kit is a set of four fantastically bright paper plane designs. The 20 pre-printed A4 sheets gives you f...

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Rocket Balloons 6 Pack

Rocket Balloons 6 Pack are a set of wonderfully fun balloons which when blown up and then let go slowly...

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Plastic Wind-Up Hopping Chomping Teeth

Plastic Wind-Up Hopping Chomping Teeth is a set of little teeth which manically spring about when they are wound up. ...

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Metal Slinky Spring 56mm

Metal Slinky Spring 56mm is a classic toy which needs very little introduction. This metal Slinky Spring has a 56mm dia...

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Tin Clockwork Racing Car

Tin Clockwork Racing Car is a beautifully rounded stylish racing car complete with tin driver. This windup racing car h...

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Tin Drumming Dancing Robot

Tin Toy Drumming Dancing Robot is a brilliant toy which dances and beats his drum. This drummer robot swings back and...

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Tin Educated Monkey Calculator

Tin Toy Educated Monkey Calculator is a wonderful tin calculator that is entirely mechanical. Invented almost a centur...

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Clockwork Tin Hopping Squirrel

Clockwork Tin Hopping Squirrel is a beautifully made tin toy with a bushy tail and material ears. This clockwork wind u...

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Giant Atomic Red Robot Man

Giant Atomic Red Robot Man is an impressive 30cm tall shiny red robot. He winds up with a lovely big key...

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Tin Toy Novelty Frog Clicker

Tin Toy Novelty Frog Clicker is a solid little frog shaped clicker made in India. To make the clicking sound you push...

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Tin Springing Grasshopper

Tin Springing Grasshopper is a brilliant little novelty toy made in India. Springing Grasshopper has a suction cup on i...

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Tin Clockwork Jumping Frog

Tin Clockwork Jumping Frog is a lovely simple clockwork windup that hops up and down.This frog is bright and multicolour...

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Tin Wind-up Strutting Rooster

Tin Windup Strutting Rooster is a sweet simple wind-up that bounces up and down as it moves along.With lovely bright...

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Tin Clockwork Windup Cyclist

Tin Clockwork Cyclist is a wind up toy with a beautiful working metal bicycle chain. A cyclist pedals the bike...

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Tin Elephant Circus Ball Game

Tin Elephant Circus Ball Game is a fascinating clockwork toy with a very long running motor. An elephant spins a propel...

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