Clockwork Singing Mechanical Bird
Clockwork Singing Mechanical Bird Detail

Clockwork Singing Mechanical Bird is one of the most amazing tin toys I have ever seen.

This beautiful bird turns its head moves its wings and flutters its tail and most amazingly whistles and sings as the clockwork motor passes air through a small whistle hidden in the birds belly.

A real collectors item this traditional tin toy is a reproduction of the Singvogel made originally in Germany in the 1950's.

This Tin Singing Bird has cast metal gold coloured legs and is packaged in a beautifully decorated box lined with silver cloth.

An on off switch is cleverly hidden under the birds tail whilst the key hole is under the wing.

Size: length 20cm x width 8cm x height 12cm

Material / Mechanism: Tin / Clockwork, Removable Key.

Age: Adult Collectors Only

We like this because: "a beautiful gift, an amazing tin toy."

Weight: 0.50kg
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