My Tin Toys is run from Denmark Western Australia by husband and wife Margriet and Douglas Walker.

Why Tin Toys ?

My Tin Toys is the Sister Site to the very popular My Wooden Toys and came about because of our love for traditional clockwork toys. The Tin Toys you will find here are versions of toys that many of you or your parents may have played with as children. Simple clockwork toys that will never need batteries. The toys here are very nostalgic and developing the site and range has been a bit like discovering a long forgotten trunk in the attic, full of a grandparents childhood toys.

Tin Toy Safety
It is important to remember that Tin Toys were made in a time when there was no safety testing of toys for children. It is for this reason that you will find the disclaimer below on every page of our site.
Tin toys are a collectible item. They are sold for the use of adult collectors unless otherwise marked. They have sharp edges and small parts which may not be suitable for children. D.Walker and M. Walker trading as My Little World accept no liability for their use.

A User Friendly Website
In designing My Tin Toys we have tried to make the shopping and checkout experience as quick and easy as possible.
You do not need a membership to shop here. You don't at physical shops, so why should you online?
Payment is very simple and safe, just follow the checkout steps. The idea of online shopping is to save you time, so you will not be asked to complete ridiculously long forms. All is done on a secure server so it is virtually impossible for your e-mail address to be scooped up by a third party that wants to spam you.
Remember, if you get stuck just contact us via email and we will be only to happy to help.
Enjoy your time at My Tin Toys We hope you find what you are looking for.

All the best Douglas, Margriet and Hannah.