Giant Atomic Red Robot Man
Giant Atomic Red Robot Man Detail
Giant Atomic Red Robot Man Detail-Two

Giant Atomic Red Robot Man is an impressive 30cm tall shiny red robot.

He winds up with a lovely big key and as he walks his arms move and his head turns from side to side.

A see through mesh on his belly lets you see his insides spark

Giant Atomic Robot comes in a full colour box showing him striding down a road towering over buildings.

Inside the box he is protected by a cardboard sleeve that holds and protects his head and feet

This is a fantastic robot with a strong clockwork motor. He has an on / off switch on his belly.

Size: 30cm Tall x 12cm Wide

Material / Mechanism: Tin / Clockwork, Removable key.

Age: Adult Collectors Only

We like this because: "one of the most impressive robots I have ever seen."

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