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Dandy Clown Clockwork Toy
Dandy Clown Clockwork Toy Detail
Dandy Clown Clockwork Toy Detail-Two
Dandy Clown Clockwork Toy Detail-Three
Dandy Clown Clockwork Toy is a walking clown which shuffles along tipping his hat.

As he lifts his hat his eyes also roll up and down.

As he walks his clown shoes flip and flop and his cane moves back and forth.

This detailed tin toy has a removable key and an on off switch.

Size: Man is 16cm high. 7.5cm wide

Material / Mechanism: Tin, / Clockwork / Seperate Key.

Age: Adult collectors

We like this because: "so many moving parts"


This lovely little guy waddles along doffing his hat & rolling his eyes. I hadn't seen this toy before & ...


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