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Robin Tin Steam Pop Pop Boat
Robin Tin Steam Pop Pop Boat Detail
Robin Tin Steam Pop Pop Boat Detail-Two

Robin Tin Steam Pop Pop Boat is a very clever working steam driven boat.

The boat comes with a little candle which is lit under a small chamber inside the boat.

The small chamber is filled with water using the supplied pipette.

As the water chamber heats up and the water turns to steam it is shot out of one of the pipes at the back of the boat.

At the same time more water is sucked into the chamber and the boat shoots along making a very satisfying chugging pop pop sound.

Size: 14cm Long

Material / Mechanism: Tin, Candle Wax, Plastic Pipette / Steam propelled

Age: Adult Collectors Only 14+

We like this because: "the most entertaining physics lesson you can have."

Weight: 0.10kg

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This is a fantastic little toy. Once you get the flame in the right spot and it all warms up ...

Rated by Tim Freeman

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