Tin Box Pirate Game

Tin Box Pirate Game is a great little game which you can slip in your pocket and take anywhere.

This little game is for two to five players and contains twenty seven coloured cardboard cards, three wooden dice, a wooden peg leg pirate captain and rule booklet.

The youngest rolls first. Depending on what the three dice show the players try to grab the corresponding cards. If one of the dice shows the captain then the wooden captain is grabbed.

A game of observation and speed the winner is the first to collect five cards.

Size: Tin is 10 x 6 x 3cm, Pirate Captain is 5.5cm high

Material: Tin, Wooden Dice and Pirate, Cardboard cards.

Age: 4+

We like this because: "Great game very good value for money. "

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Tin Box Pirate Game
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