Tin German Carousel Gondolas

Tin German Carousel Gondolas is a very nostalgic tin merry go round made with beautiful detail and precision in Germany.

This carousel has four different gondolas each with two people facing each other. These people are all dressed differently and you can see detail on their faces.

Each gondola i attached by wire to the detailed roof and swing out when the carousel is turning.

The central column is decorated with children holding balloons and a little dog running.

The Gondola Carousel is operated by pulling a lever on the base which winds the spring. This carousel is incredibly quiet and is a testament to the precision with which it is made .

The Gondola Carousel comes packaged in a solid brown box with an image of the ride on the front.

Size: 16cm wide by 20cm high

Material / Mechanism: Tin / Clockwork, Attached lever.

Age: This is not a toy for adult collectors only.

We like this because: "Beautifully detailed."

Weight: 1.00kg
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Tin German Carousel Gondolas