Tin Money Box Post Office

Tin Money Box Post Office is a wonderful little money box made in India and covered in very eccentric paintings.

This money box has a sliding door which opens a little hatch and a round red table pops out.

You can then place your coin on the table, press the wire button on the left, and the table pops in and the coin disappears.

You can then remove money from the box using the included key which opens a little access hole on the base.

This Money Box comes packaged in a brown card board box with a coloured picture on the front.

Size: 13cm long x 7 cm wide x 9cm high

Material / Mechanism: Tin / Clockwork, Removable Key

Age: Adult Collectors Only

We like this because: "Sweet and simple and strong"

Weight: 0.19kg
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Tin Money Box Post Office