Tin Space Dog Rover

Tin Space Dog Rover is a beautiful clockwork red dog with boggling eyes and a springy tail.

Red Space Dog is very well made and has a smooth mechanism which causes him to move forward gently rocking from side to side, open and close his mouth, flap his ears and shoot sparks inside his back, which can be seen through a red window.

He is wound by a removable key and has an on off lever on the top of his head which you pull and push to stop and start.

A very unique and beautiful toy.

Space dog is packaged in a strong plain white box.

Size: 11cm Tall x 16cm Long

Material / Mechanism: Tin / Clockwork, Removable Key.

Age: Adult Collectors Only

We like this because: "happy wagging tail and a gentle rocking walk."

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Tin Space Dog Rover