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Tin Space Whale Mechanical Ship
Tin Space Whale Mechanical Ship Detail
Tin Space Whale Mechanical Ship Detail-Two
Tin Space Whale Mechanical Ship Detail-Three
Tin Space Whale Mechanical Ship is a beautifully crazy creation first made in Japan in the 1960's.

This wonderful toy sways from side to side as it moves making its eyes roll back and forth and its fins move out and in. Every now and then the mouth opens very wide and snaps shut.

This Space Whale is a copy made by St John in Shanghi. The Japanese ones are no longer made but very rare second hand Spacewhales have been sold on-line for $1200 to $2000 in the original box.

This space whale also sparks as it slowly moves along.

Where the idea of a whale travelling through space comes from I have no idea... but be guaranteed this is a very special toy which has been beautifully reproduced.

Size: 23cm long x 7cm

Material: Tin

Age: Adult Collectors Only

We like this because: "a true collectors item with a beautiful smooth mechanism"

Weight: 1.00kg

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