Tin Springing Grasshopper

Tin Springing Grasshopper is a brilliant little novelty toy made in India.

Springing Grasshopper has a suction cup on its belly and bending springy wire legs. You make the suction cup a little wet push down and wait. When the suction cup lets go the Grasshopper shoots into the air.

This is a fantastic novelty toy and a huge amount of fun. The wetter you make the suction cup the longer the Grasshopper will stick. The unexpected nature of when it will jump makes it very funny.

Size: 13cm long.

Material / Mechanism: Tin / Push down rubber suction cup.

Age: For adult collectors only.

We like this because: "Quirky and fun."

Weight: 0.01kg

Fascinating toy and the anticipation waiting for it to spring up is fantastic ...

Rated by Tim Freeman

The toy was exactly as described and worked well. I had one of these as a child and it's good ...

Rated by Brian Rose

Average user rating 5/5
based on 4 ratings.

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