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Tin Toy Duck Propeller Tricycle

Tin Toy Windup Propeller Duck Tricycle is a wonderful clockwork creation.

Multi coloured with a spinning propeller as a hat, this duck whizzes around on a tricycle with his little legs and webbed feet pumping up and down on the pedals.

Beautifully made with the key permanently attached, so you cant lose it, this is a fascinating toy to watch and its simple, solid clockwork motor means this toy runs and runs.

Presented in a retro style cardboard box this is a fun stylish toy.

Size: 21cm High x 9cm wide.

Material / Mechanism: Tin, Plastic Wheels / Clockwork, Fixed Key.

Age: Adult Collectors

We like this because: "A duck on a tricycle with a spinning propeller... what more can I say!!!"

Weight: 1.00kg

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