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Tin Toy Scooter Girl Blue
Tin Toy Scooter Girl Blue Detail
Tin Toy Scooter Girl Blue Detail-Two
Tin Toy Scooter Girl Blue Detail-Three

Tin Toy Windup Scooter Girl Blue is a beautiful clockwork toy depicting a young woman riding a blue Vespa.

This wind up Scooter turns by itself and completes a square when it is wound up and sent on its way.

Beautifully lithographed tin makes this a very stylish retro clockwork collectors piece.

Scooter girl is wearing a very stylish yellow and black dotted top.

The Scooter Girl comes packaged in a beautiful solid box that has a very nostalgic feel.

Size: 16cm long by 6cm wide

Material / Mechanism: Tin / Clockwork, Removable Key.

Age: This is not a toy. For adult collectors only.

We like this because: "A beautiful stylish tin toy a lovely gift"

Weight: 0.30kg

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