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Tin Toy Swallowing Fish
Tin Toy Swallowing Fish Detail

Tin Toy Swallowing Fish is a really clever little toy with bite...

This brightly coloured tin toy is in two parts, a big fish and a little fish. The small fish lives in the big fishes stomach. You open the big fishes mouth and pull out the little fish which is attached with a nylon wire.

Pulling out the small fish works the clockwork mechanism and the little fish runs away from the big fish.. but the big fish catches up opens its mouth and swallows the small fish.

A clever funny toy which is vibrant and fun.

Size: Big fish is 16cm by 6cm, small fish is 9cm by 3cm.

Material / Mechanism: Tin, Nylon Line, Rubber Wheels / Clockwork Wound by pulling line

Age: Adult Collectors

We like this because: "Really clever mechanism and when it catches the small fish its really satisfying."

Weight: 0.30kg

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